Unique Specialty Salts

A Unique Gift for Your Kitchen

Salt is a flavor enhancer, but it shouldn't go solo. The blend of sea salt and other flavors add the right touch to your food. SALT Spices and Specialties offers you a large selection of salts to choose from. 


  • Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt 
  • Applewood Smoked Sea Salt 
  • Black Lava Sea Salt 
  • Black Truffle Sea Salt 
  • Canning and Pickling Salt 
  • Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt 
  • Chipotle Pepper Sea Salt 
  • Coarse Sea Salt 
  • Fluer de Sel 
  • Ghost Pepper Sea Salt 
  • Habanero Pepper Sea Salt 
  • Hickory Smoked Sea Salt 
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (fine) 
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (medium) 
  • Kosher Flake Salt 
  • Mediterranean Sea Salt (extra coarse) 
  • Mediterranean Sea Salt (fine) 
  • Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt 
  • Seasoning Salt 
  • Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt 
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